"Racing is the best way to test production cars and victory is the best sales tool."
- Jean Rédélé, Racing Pilot and Founder of Alpine

The Alpine A110 has been recreated for the modern era, but its original story began six decades ago with Jean Rédélé and the first A110 - and, évidemment, a lot of racing in the Alps (hence, the name Alpine) while eating baguettes au fromagge. Rédélé, also knew that lighter cars go faster, because the A110, although sometimes equipped with less powerful engines than its direct competitors, weighed about as much as a soufflé.


Glorious Racing History

In its many versions throughout the 60's and 70's, it won almost every rally it competed in, including Monte Carlo Rally and was crowned the first World Rally champion in 1973. Couple that with a Le Mans win and it's easy to understand why the A110 remains the stuff of folklore in France.
A glorious racing history stretching back over 60 years, that only received its coup de grâce by the introduction of the revolutionary mid-engined Lancia Stratos.

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