Nielsen Racing 2024 Socks 🏁

Nielsen Racing 2024 Socks 🏁

Since our first collab with Nielsen Racing in 2021, they've always thrown us some wicked curve balls, but this year they really cranked it up a notch. For their 10th anniversary 2024 liveries, they went full-on asymmetrical with their paint schemes! The design was created by Andrew Werner.

So, to untangle this mismatched riddle, we called in one of those "way too expensive" consultancy firms. Their earth-shattering, mind-bending solution?

Now, the burning question: should we roll out 2 Sock Puppets this year? 

Fast forward to the European Le Mans Series 2024 4H Barcelona, the premiere race of the season, and here are the top-class debut results:

#24 - Claimed P3 from P3, with the fastest lap! 

#27 - Battled to P13 from P11, but hey, we're on it!