Distinguished Gentleman's Drive 23

Distinguished Gentleman's Drive 23
This year again we are a proud
partner of The Distinguished
Gentleman’s Drive. 
If you’re wondering
what this drive is.

 This next drive will be taking place
on Sunday, September 24th 2023.

It is an on-road motoring event,
uniting pre-1980 classic cars,
designed to encourage enthusiasts
and vintage car owners around the
world to dress dapper and drive
for men’s health. Funds raised
will support our charity partner,
Movember. These funds are
invested in vital research and
programs for prostate cancer and
men's mental health to support the
wellbeing of men all around the world.




On the same day, thousands of
drivers around the world start their
engines to drive for  a cause. Each
local event is organised by passionate
volunteers. Drivers register on the
Gentleman's Drive website and are
encouraged to create their profile to
share amongst their family and friends
with the goal of raising funds and
awareness for prostate cancer and
men's mental health. Once registered,
drivers receive their private drive
information for their local event, taking
place on Sunday, September 24th
2023 to celebrate their fundraising
achievements. This is where drivers
connect with their fellow DGD
participants at the start and end
location, with fantastic drive
in between.



Over the past 12 years,
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride
has established itself as the largest
motorcycle charity event in the world,
raising over $45M USD for men’s
health. Through the research and
awareness programs we have funded,
we have collectively changed the lives
of men and those who love them.

As of 2023, the ride takes
place in over 100 countries
around the world.