Team Lotus Socks 🏎️

Team Lotus Socks 🏎️

Designed by the legendary GĂ©rard Ducarouge and built by Team Lotus, the Lotus 97T was all the rage in the 1985 Formula One World Championship. It was like the cool cousin of the previous year's 95T and was powered by the turbocharged 1.5-litre Renault EF15B V6 engine, and of course that JPS livery, the tuxedo of liveries. The 97T was driven by Ayrton Senna and Johnny Dumfries, and it was the first car to feature a semi-automatic gearbox. It also had a top speed of 210 mph, which is pretty impressive considering it only weighed 1,200 pounds.

TSenna snagged two victories and clinched the podium six other times during the season. Thanks to Senna's skills and Lotus' ingenuity, they finished in a respectable third place in both the drivers' and constructors' championships. Now, let's shift gears to the Lotus 99T, which hit the track in the 1987 Formula

One season. Of course, Senna was in the driver's seat, making magic happen. The Lotus 99T grabbed two sensational wins and made it onto the podium six times. These performances helped secure another
third-place finish for both Senna and the Lotus team.

The car was sponsored by Camel Cigarettes making it one of the most iconic liveries ever. The 99T was powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine that produced 600 horsepower. It featured an innovative active suspension system that took its performance to a whole new level.

The Lotus 97T and 99T were more than just cars.

They were awe-inspiring machines that left their mark on the Formula One world, inspiring other teams to push the envelope in terms of engineering and design. Rev up Your Sock Game with our Turbocharged Socks!