DBS V8 The Muncher

DBS V8 The Muncher

A rare gem of auto history, this one of a kind Aston Martin DBS V8 raced in the Le Mans 24h and simultaneously broke the record for fastest caravan towing (apparently that's a thing), and along the way earned itself the nickname "The Muncher" for its insatiable appetite for brake disks.

Robin Hamilton, an Aston Martin dealer, began racing a DBS V8 in 1974. In the following three years the car was modified almost beyond recognition to compete at La Sarthe. With the V8 at one point putting out over 800 hp, its no wonder the development proved to be a challenge regarding reliability, stability and fuel consumption issues. And its appetite wasn't just for fuel, " the car was later given the name of 'Muncher' due to the rate that the car got through brake discs".


Still, it took an impressive 17th overall and 3rd in its class - driven by Hamilton himself - at the 1977 24 Le Mans and in entered again in 1979 but dropped out after just a few hours of the race. Although having raced in many other British endurance events, it later became known for setting a land speed record for towing a caravan at 125 mph (200km/h). This bipolar unicorn earned itself the nickname "The Muncher" for its insatiable appettite for brake disks.

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