The Fuchs Wheel Socks 🍀

The Fuchs Wheel Socks 🍀

Back in 1965, a groundbreaking wheel was unveiled for the 911 S. This wheel would go on to achieve a legendary status of its own.

But why was the Fuchs wheel brought to life? As Porsche set out to develop a lighter rendition of the 911 – the 911 S, Porsche's requirements were crystal-clear: the wheels for the 911 S had to embody a lightweight and durable nature to diminish unsprung mass.


Fuchs pioneered a novel production method that facilitated crafting the wheel in a single piece.

The iconic cloverleaf design made its mark with the debut of the Fuchs wheel in May 1965, after a refinement proposed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche himself.

The first 911 sports cars adorned with Fuchs wheels hit the market in 1966, marking the beginning of a nearly two-decade reign on new 911 sportscars until 1989. Not confined to showroom floors, Fuchs wheels found their way onto motorsport stages, including notable wins at the Monte Carlo Rally, etching further acclaim into their illustrious history.