KITT Socks, where are you? đź“ş

KITT Socks, where are you? đź“ş

In the realm of iconic television cars, one sleek and sophisticated black Pontiac Trans Am stands out among the rest – KITT, the big-mouthed, crime-fighting, turbo-boosted supercar from the 80’s hit TV show “Knight Rider”.

Although David Hasselhoff was the aforementioned Knight Rider, Michael Night, who gave title to the series, this kick-ass of a car completely stole the show – not only becoming a pop culture sensation, but also leaving a lasting legacy as a symbol of futurism and unparalleled coolness.

One of KITT’s most amazing features was his brain, a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence that communicated through a voice interface – the voice of veteran actor William Daniels. A B-lister in Hollywood so far, Daniels performance brought KITT a unique blend of sophistication and wit, making the car a character in its own right.



We’ve seen the brains, and the gorgeous outside, now let’s explore one of KITT’s most thrilling feature - the Turbo Boost. This magic dashboard button allowed the car to jump over obstacles or onto rooftops. Other gadgets, like the grappling hook or its molecular bonded shell, showcased KITT's many virtues.

One of the most recognizable features of KITT was its mesmerising red scanner light. During the show's early stages, the producers were concerned about the potential impact of the light on other drivers. As a result, a switch was installed to turn off the scanner light during open road driving scenes.

All this came at a price. The cost of constructing each KITT car for the show was a staggering $100,000. This heavy tag reflected the installation of the state-of-the-art technology used in the dashboard and the car's unique features.



KITT's influence wasn't confined to the television screen. The car's futuristic design and cutting-edge features inspired real-world developments in automotive technology. Concepts like autonomous driving and advanced in-car communication systems can trace their roots back to the imaginative world of Knight Rider.

From its turbo-boosted stunts to the unmistakable voice of William Daniels, KITT captured the hearts of millions of viewers, leaving an ever lasting imprint in little boys’ imaginations all over the world – and the grown men who happened to have designed these really cool socks :)