The Mazda 787B Socks: The Sound of Speed 🔊

The Mazda 787B Socks: The Sound of Speed 🔊

Imagine a race car that not only devoured asphalt but also had a unique talent for turning heads with its unconventional engine symphony.

The 787B did just that - and much more.

While most racing cars of the time boasted conventional engines, this Japanese black sheep stood out with its rotary roar, a wailing sound that could make even the most ardent petrolhead smile.


The 787B's victory at the 1991 24 Hours of Le Mans was historic not just for Mazda, but for all rotary engine enthusiasts – after all, it was the first (and last) time this type of engine won this prestigious race.
However, the triumph was short-lived - in 1992, FIA banned rotary engines from the top tier of sports car competitions, in an effort to create a more level playing field among competitors and maintain the diversity of engine technologies in endurance racing.



The 787B is often remembered for its distinctive orange and green livery, featuring the prominent sponsorship of Renown, a Japanese clothing brand.
Rumour has it that the orange colour was chosen because it closely resembled the colour of the sponsor's favourite beverage – orange juice.


Only two chassis of the 787B were built for
competition. After the Le Mans victory, one of the cars
was retired, and the other continued to participate in
various events. The limited production adds to the
rarity and exclusivity of the 787B.