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August 13, 2020 1 min read

Despite a rough initial reception by the Alfisti crowd, the 90's Superturismo legend 155 V6 Ti made a name for itself on the track and from there to every Alfisti's heart. Speaking of cuore sportivo, can you name a better sounding V6? 

Alfa Romeo has been stepping on the gas for over 100 years with no signs of slowing down. No other brand has more motorsport wins and, in the process of becoming a racing legend, it even gave us Enzo Ferrari (wait, what?). 

Initially somewhat of an ugly duckling to the Alfisti crowd - although easily the best looking sedan of its generation - the 155 made a name for itself where it really counts a.k.a. motorsport and from there to every Alfisti's heart. Surely it didn't hurt that the 12000 rpm V6 Ti is widely considered to be the best sounding engine of its kind - get your notepads out, F1 engineers? 

The 155 V6 Ti screamed its way to victory, amassing 38 wins across the Italian Superturismo, DTM and BTCC touring championships, besting its AMG 190E and BMW M3 rivals on many occasions while driven by Turismo legends like Nicola Larini and Alessandro Nannini and even Fisichella briefly in 1996, the last season before the newer 156 took over.


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