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September 03, 2020 1 min read

In 1979, the SAAB 900 Turbo set a new bar for how much power and grunt a safe and boring family saloon should have - no wonder its older brother was a jet plane!
Like most SAAB's, the 900 was an outside-the-box piece of car engineering - remember they used to design airplanes? - filled with clever design, performance and safety features and is one of the first examples of a "well-behaved" and everyday-useful turbocharged engine for the common man, a formula that has since become ubiquitous for modern-day practical cars. 

It went on to become the company's all-time best selling car and probably the most iconic of all SAABs with its stylish and distinctive approach to car design - even Seinfeld drove one in the famous TV show.

For us, it's the magical 3-colored turbo boost gauge in the (then) futuristic dashboard, that remains to this day imprinted in ours and in the collective memories of petrolheads everywhere and that we chose to be the star of this homage.

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